Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Weakest Pillar( part 1)

They say journalism is the 4th pillar of democracy. I have no idea from where that thought originated and who exactly believes that to be true because if you go by what Indian Mainstream media delivers, it is undoubtedly not a pillar in any sense. It does not strengthen the democracy in any way possible. And if journalism is indeed the 4th pillar as certain media managers would like you to believe, it is most certainly ‘The Weakest Pillar’.
Why do you ask? Well! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use that little plastic thingy called remote control and switch over to a news channel.  Just do it and you will be entering a world of subnormal IQs and moronic stories.  And no, they messengers of truth and justice working on these channels are not exactly idiots, they are in fact pretty intelligent Homo sapiens but alas! Such is their lust for TRP that they whore out their ideals, their beliefs and their entire existence. The reason I address them as #TRPwhores.
There are a few dazzling exceptions too, like in every field but sadly their work gets easily overshadowed by the majority. Since certain media managers are quite infamous for getting their critics blocked, I have to resist the urge to take names of these ‘champions of truth’. In fact I will not address their individual idiocies at all. It will be better looking at the MSM(moron style media) as a single entity.
So let’s roll with the evidence of their intelligence, shall we?

1. This is the first symptom of our diseased media. How the hell is this exactly a news? Why is the number one Hindi news channel taking pride in presenting the struggle of a cat stuck on a roof as something that the whole nation must know about? Who is the idiotic editor who actually gave this pathetic excuse of a news story a go ahead? Sadly, the channel airing this trash proudly displays ‘best’ underneath their logo.


  2. Whoa! I still cannot believe I actually saw that drama play out on my TV screen. Aren’t their people going missing everyday in this god forsaken country? I have never seen any news channel make breaking news of it but I guess the dog of Delhi commissioner is more important for these news channels than the woes of common man and then they proclaim that they give voice to our grievances. Sadly, this photo shows they are more worried about covering pets, be it the animal or human kind that they invite on their high octane debates.


      3. You have got to be kidding me. This is simply the lowest form of news reporting. I know that this breaking news is related to Mr. RG’s Dalit tourism and it is enough knowing where he is everyday but do you have to tell us in excruciating detail even the menu of his supper? Why stop at this, if you want to play retarded then play it to the maximum of your ability. Why not tell us how many ‘pooris’ he ate, what was the vegetable cooked for him? What did he have in dessert? Which brand of oil were the ‘pooris’ made in? And don’t just stop at that, go ahead; tell us did he pass proper stools the next morning? What was the consistency of his feces? Why not run a screenshot of it so the entire nation can know the colour of it?  

  4. Anyone with even a little common sense can make out why this is news. Yes, it is because it is a freak show, like the ones they had in medieval circuses. When anyone who did not fit in the mold of normal appearance was made into a spectacle, a something to be paid to look at. Times changed but the man still has not learned how to treat fellow humans with respect. The mentally weak are still ridiculed, parents still prefer keeping their not normal or mentally challenged kids locked inside for they fear what their neighbors might say. Yet, you expect a journalist to be better in this respect, and that too from a journalist associated with a news channel belonging to a minister. But as you can see the said channel prefers to make a freak show out of a man whose only fault is that he is extremely obese.



These are just a few examples of the great service these news channels are doing for the nation. You just have to watch any news channels for a day and you will end up with enough content to write a blog way longer than mine.
I am an avid news watcher but when I watch the atrocities being served in the name of NEWS, I cannot resist myself from swearing at the dumb and dumbers of the MSM. 
    In the end I will leave you with another few examples of idiocy called news and I really don’t feel the need to write anything about this particular channel. 

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