Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Mistaken Idols-1

Sometimes I pity the youngsters of this nation. Sometimes, I also regret having been one such teenager myself. I regret all those heated arguments and violent brawls I had with my brother over the issue of whose favorite actor is better.

He always batted for SRK and I rooted for Govinda. We wasted precious time and energy over 2 people, both undeserving of such high respect. Now I am not saying that the two gentlemen mentioned above are not to be respected, but putting them on a pedestal and worshipping them is ridiculous.

Anyway, I always believed that this was just a phase of growing up and like me, most people see the light by the time they finish college. But man, was I mistaken or what? Just a week on social media especially twitter exposed the harsh reality of the Indian youth.

Is this the youth Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi or Kejriwal are expecting to mobilize? Okay, scratch out Modi and RG from the above line because clearly, Modi is more concerned with feeding the youth with propaganda while RG wants to keep them in service of his surname and his family club aka Indian National Congress.

So is this the youth AK expects will take charge and change the fate of the nation?
The youth of India, who is ready to fight, abuse and rant incessantly for his/her cine idols. The youth who tries hard to adapt the mannerisms of his/her favorite cine icon, sacrificing their own personality. Seriously, just look at the whole Salman fans-SRK fans tweet wars.

These cine icons are good for entertainment and they do a fine job, but building temples for them, fasting for them, fighting for them is plain ludicrous. Let’s just see a few such icons in the light of truth, shall we?

SRK- Shahrukh Khan

A fine actor, king of romance and one of the biggest cine icons of last 2 decades. He talks a lot, shows idealism, promises to put the names of his co-actresses before his in movie credits (how that is going to help women empowerment is beyond me) and what not.

In all his interviews he comes across as a humble man of high principles but…one hefty cheque and he prances around on our TV screen pushing the fact that being ‘not fair’ is akin to a curse or something. He tells us that to be a chick magnet you ought to be snow white. Is such a person deserving of worship who openly promotes colour discrimination? Where is his idealism then? On a world tour, I guess. For a few dollars more, he makes millions put dollops of cream on their face so they can be ‘Fair and Handsome’.

What a classy fellow.

Vishal Dadlani

Music director, composer, rockstar and a grammar Nazi.

A twitter celeb and a youth icon. He breathes fire through his tweets, shouts at people to rise up, makes guest cameos at Arvind Kejriwal’s gathering. In short, he does everything right to earn praise of millions. But sadly, his hypocrisy is laid thread and bare the day court convicts Sanjay Dutt.

See the tweets below and make out the difference. Watch him mellow down and defend his buddy. Read, how his tweets go cold when law catches up on his bud.

In fact the whole Sanjay Dutt saga kind of exposed how Bollywood is a big family of hypocrites who think they are metahumans and not ordinary citizens like us. And that brings me to ‘The lady who cried’.

Smt. Jaya Bacchan.

She literally broke down in empathy for the poor girl who died in that horrific December 2012 rape case in Delhi. And yet, ironically, she keeps mum about the party she comes from. Is she not aware of the people her party fields in elections? Unlikely so and then she, who demanded strict punishment for the monsters involved in Bus gang rape case, goes on demanding leniency for Sanjay Dutt (A man lawfully punished by the supreme court of the nation, where she is one of the law maker herself).

Mrs. Bacchan would do well to visit this link for a dose of truth.

There are many such hypocrites, not just in Bollywood, but also in sports, arts and such fields associated with glamour that if one sits down to write about them, he/she may end up writing a bulky novel. Hence, in order to keep this post short, I will cover the issue in parts.

Till then keep trying to see the truth, it is bitter but as they say:-

‘Truth always hurts’

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