Monday, 11 November 2013

Intelligent indian is a truth, Intellectual indian is a misnomer (part-3)

We all need a HAND

A lot of people talk of the need of #Hand (election symbol of congress) to hold a #Broom (election symbol of AAP). This idiotic analogy is given endlessly to hint at a back-door understanding between the two parties. So passionately do people speak of this that it may soon become the most often published tweet on twitter. And that is why it got me thinking. I thought a lot and came to see the light at the end of dark tunnel.
And since it is said that knowledge must be shared, I will share the truth with you. So please get ready for enlightenment.

I thought on the lines of blind BJP supporters and found that the #Hand is not merely used to hold the #Broom, it is also used to:-
1. Pluck #Lotus from a pond (BJP)
2. Ride a #Bicycle (SP/TDP)
3. Ride a #Elephant (BSP)
4. Put an #Arrow in a quiver (JDU)
5. Hold a #Lantern (RJD)
6. Wear #Spectacles (INLD)
7. Hold a #Bow&Arrow (Shiv Sena)
8. Blow a #Conch (BJD)
9. Pray to #RisingSun (DMK)
10. Operate a #HandPump (RLD)

In fact you need a #Hand to do every work of your daily life. The amusing thing is the #Hand mentioned looks something like this-

But to do any of the work mentioned above you cannot keep your hand like this.
Also, I think god's want us to vote for #Hand too. No wonder they keep showing us the symbol of Congress every time we seek their blessings.

I will leave you all to figure out the idiocy in the #Hand-#Broom analogy. 
But I will tell you this universal truth for sure -
Intelligent Indian is a truth, Intellectual Indian is a misnomer. 
 Chew on that dose of truth.

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