Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Manmohan Singh- honest or the best con man ever??

Dr. Manmohan Singh.
Prime minister of Indian republic.
An honest man but a weak politician.
This is how everyone describes this man barring the slave minded ignoramuses in the INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS. Even those who criticize him for being the lamest prime minister ever in the history of independent India swear by his honesty. Anna hazare, the man spearheading the campaign against corruption too acknowledges the honesty of this man. But is he?
Is Manmohan Singh really what he is portrayed as? Is he really an honest yet gutless man, watching his colleagues indulge in exploitation of this country and keeping mum, all the while staying away from indulging in the corruption himself?
Is he something else? A conniving smart game player who worked hard to get his image up and running, waiting for that perfect opportunity to unleash his inner demons?  A cunning politician who knew that one day his sparkling image will get him the high office where he can exercise his deepest darkest desires and leave this country in a hell?
No matter what he is but he sure has been smart enough to maintain his image all the while being surrounded by filth. No matter what he is but he sure has been ‘A DISAPPOINTMENT’ to all like me who idolized him when we were young. He had been an example to us, a beacon of hope that honesty still can survive the treacherous, worm infested waters of Indian politics.
But today, he is no more than a failure. An example to the coming generations, of what not to become.  He is the greatest curse to the freedom we all cherish.
He is the NERO of Indian politics as he watches the country burn, while he sits in his chair perfecting his expressionless face.

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