Friday, 8 June 2012


The dumb and the dumbers
Samosa, chutney, Samsung mobiles, black leather purse- these are just a few of the long list of items that are meant to help the people in distress. Yes, you no longer need traits like honesty, hard work and confidence to fight the problems. You no longer need the belief in god and his strange ways to overcome the grief and sorrow that has hit you hard. You no longer need medicines and a good doctor to cure the disease that has been plaguing you or your near and dear ones. No, you do not.
Confused? Thinking why?

Well apparently because, India has suddenly become a swarg, a Valhalla, a mount Olympus sort of place where gods are descending in droves to take care of their poor followers.
Great, isn’t it?

But here is the catch. In today’s materialistic society, even gods have turned capitalist. Now you will not be saved just because you need to be. Help comes at a price too. You need to shelve out atrocious charges just to see your gods, solutions to your problems cost extra.

Welcome to the world of Nirmal baba & Radhey maa.
Born normal, fed normal and grown normal, they lived a normal life until one day their inner gods were awakened by some sort of unexplainable phenomenon. And lo and behold, began the business of help. One morning they were nothing, just another face in the crowd and BANG!! The next you know their faces were all over the world media.

Why? Because people apparently are so desperate and idiotic at the same time, that if someone were to tell them that the only solution to their problem was to donate all their property to the trust of a said god, they will happily do so. And it is not just the poor and middle class who fall prey to them. Even so called celebrities, the upper echelon of the society bow down in front of them (though I can understand their fascination for Radhey maa, she comes with makeup and all and dances around with her disciples but Nirmaljeet sure is no Hercules). People are so fooled by them that they do not even bother to think about the modus operandi of these ‘gods’.

Let us see. Nirmal baba books an air conditioned auditorium, charges 2000 Indian rupees as entry pass, arrives in a luxury car, walks over a carpet, sits on a throne(a lavish one) and speaks whatever the hell he wants to. And people go all teary eyed and choke as they listen to him blabber like an idiot.

Radhey maa, on the other hand, is an interesting one. All she does is dance and dance, while his followers take turns lifting her up in their embrace. Wait, am I talking about a so called incarnation of Durgaa maa? ‘Cause it sure looks like I am talking about some cheap dance bar, like they show in movies. Yes, she actually does that and even celebs throng to her cheap show to get her blessings. (Where the hell is bajrang sena and vishwa Hindu parishad now? Are their culture policing restricted only to 14th Feb?).

These 2 are just the tip of an iceberg and definitely the sleaziest ones in the market. There are many more who claim to have forsaken all the materialistic pleasures, claim to have gods on hotline, some even claiming to be gods themselves.
Aasaram bapu, Narayan sai, mata jasjeet, mata amritanandmayi, the list is just endless.
But the big question that comes to mind is ‘WHY?’ Why are these people so successful? Why are masses still falling in their trap?
And the more I think, the more I observe people, the more I listen to them in real and on TV(excluding dolly bindra because trust me she is a publicity seeker.), the more I read about them in newspapers there is one and only one explanation. Only one inference I can come to and that is ‘we are sick’.
Yes we Indians are mentally sick, we are depressed and disappointed. We have no hopes and no way out of the situation we are in. all the stories of growth and GDP mean zilch to us because we are degrading. As a country we are failing. There is so much corruption, crime, exploitation around that we cling on to any straw that we think can keep us from drowning, only problem is what we perceive as a straw is a ruse. It is an iron weight about to drown; we cling to it and go down with it, deeper and deeper. We have lost all hopes in seeing the glorious past, we all read in history books about, getting resurrected. We know deep within that we are doomed and we are now just going through motions of life like dead men walking. No, we Indians are not idiots, au contraire, we are exact opposites. It’s just that we have lost hope. Hope in all things good.


  1. So true! When we have lost hope in hope itself then we hope that someone else will tell us what to think or believe and all they're hoping for is our money and adoration!

    1. older era the messengers of god walked barefooted in dusty streets imparting wisdom.
      Today these self professed godmen extract a hefty price to tell us mundane, ridiculous stuff and yet we feel blessed by it.

  2. No is it not that like. I agree about Nirmal Baba but Radhe Maa is not fake. Please take her darshan once and you will know. I was also like you and I wanted to see whether Radhe Maa is real and fake and trust me once I had her darshan, I was at peace.
    I appreciate your views but you really cant judge people like this. No offence :-)

    1. Disagree...because the hinduism I know, the hinduism I have read of, listened to describes something else. One who has let go of materialism and all worldly relations is a sage. What explanation do you have for the lavish lifestyle of her sons?? Where does she get that money from?? If she is a goddess as many claim her to be, name one miracle she has performed.
      And about your is what is known as Placebo effect.