Saturday, 14 July 2012

Intelligent Indian is a truth, intellectual Indian is a misnomer.

Intelligent Indian is a truth, intellectual Indian is a misnomer.
Ever been to twitter? Yes, it is the same place where celebs go to post their lunch and dinner schedules. It is also the same place where they try and show how intellectual they are. Where they post their opinions on anything and everything under the sun. Seems like a cool place to be, isn’t it??
Sadly it is also the place where sunny Leone trends more than a national issue. It is where Sherlyn Chopra’s nude pics beat Dara Singh’s death as the top trending topic. It is where people actually listen to KRK. And it is where you see how shallow an educated Indian mindset is.
Twitter is swarmed by celebs ranging from actors, politicians and news anchors to sports person, social activist and what not. Most of the time they come across as really humble, well-educated and thinking human beings but every now and then they drop a deuce which reveals their stink.
Take for example a hot shot news anchor named Sagarika Ghose. She was heckled by a few right wing fanatics so she went ahead and blasted all Hindus on the twitter. She takes pride in mocking Hinduism just because a few bigots challenged her. She believes that every person who is speaking of Hinduism on twitter is a fanatic. If that was not enough, she once tweeted about how all Indian men are ugly. Can you get anymore moronic?

Then there is Sherlyn Chopra who posts nude pics of hers and she has hordes of followers. We have @ipoonampandey masquerading as a cricket fan, ready to drop clothes at the drop of a hat. And yes, she too has followers. Well, I have nothing against their fans and followers but it gets downright silly when they step in to defend their antics against those who request them to respect Indian culture.
Ah, the long dead Indian culture. When a girl is groped and molested in Guwahati by few scoundrels who were heavily drunk, the twitter goes kaboom with outrage and people start tweeting showing their disgust but the moment kiran bedi  tweets about the role of booze in this, the same educated Indian jumps in to defend his drinking rights. Why don’t they go and read about alcohol and its harmful effects??
Twitter, is like a sample of Indian mass mentality and it shows no matter how educated we become, we will always be uneducated and uncivilised.
Twitter is full of such glaring examples. We have Muslim haters whose every tweet has to highlight how bad Muslims are, we have muslim fanatics crying for jihad and massacare of hindus, we have chief ministers who are busy tweeting while their job is to care for their state. We have Hindu fanatics, who believe Guwahati girl invited it because she went to the pub.
Twitter, is like a mirror in which one gets to see how stupid Indians are becoming. It is a reflection of urban India. The India where educated intellectuals thrive. Guess it is an illusion because the intellectual Indian is indeed a misnomer.

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