Sunday, 31 March 2013

A flower nipped in bud

Take a look around you, fellow countrymen. What do you see? I know you will see nothing because we all have become so used to not seeing the stuff that makes us uncomfortable. Our eyes notice the torture but our hearts just don't feel it, our ears hear their apathy but nothing triggers of those neurons. You can't see it still! I knew you will still not get it. Okay, I will tell you all.

Don't you see that poor kid working in your neighbor’s house; he is what i am talking about. And to pacify the so called women right activists I might as well add "she is what i am talking about". It is a common sight to see in our mahaan bharat. Kids working in inhuman conditions, packing lunch boxes for their master's son as they get ready for their school, wiping the floors as the pet dog runs across the hall, FREE. Washing a truckload of utensils as the trucks park outside the DHABBA (eatery) he/she works in. The society is full of them. 'So what?’ you may say, 'we can't do anything, it’s government's headache'.

Pity, we Indians have still not realized the meaning of democracy. It is the rule of people and that does not mean 'only voting'. We have the power, we select the government, we bring them down but what we don't realize is that we have the power to make them listen as well. Lawmakers know only how to formulate a law; it is us who have to ensure that it gets implemented. Let me ask you, how many of you have seen a child labor and complained to the authorities? Oh! Do I see a few hands? And how many of you have complained about your relatives or neighbors or friends or colleagues in this matter. Ah! Just as I thought, none. This is the problem. We will let the torture continue if it runs the harm of souring our relationship with someone and in our culture, where we live, we develop a relation with every tom, dick and harry around, so there is none left to rescue around us.

These children deprived of a proper childhood, proper education and proper upbringing are easy prey's to anti-social elements. These poor, tortured souls have no one to show them the path of righteousness. So are we, who turn a blind eye to the apathy of these little angels, not equally responsible for the rise in crime rate?

Think and ponder, are we not deserving of this rotten system? Are we at all playing a pro-active role in the democracy?

Say 'I will make "MERA BHARAT MAHAAN".

Stop being a chauvinist and accept the truth that we are what ail the system.

That is the truth....and the truth always hurts.

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