Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A woman's greatest enemy is a woman

So they passed a new bill in the parliament. It is supposed to act as a deterrent for those who commit crimes against women. This much publicized and highly debated bill was prepared by the government in collaboration with the women NGOs. Sounds like a positive story, doesn’t it?

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! And thank you, you dumb idiots for believing that these people actually want to do something. For your knowledge, the women are still unsafe, nor will they ever be because this bill was specifically created with the sole intention of taking us citizens for a ride. Not one concrete step has been taken to address the root cause of the menace which makes us a misogynistic society. Instead we had a cornered misogynistic system in cahoots with these misandry consumed NGOs. A perfect recipe for disaster and disaster we were served with, indeed. Hence I have no qualms in saying ‘The greatest enemy of a woman is a woman’.
It explains why the so called high decibel feminist organizations did not push for long term measures and came up with stop-gap solutions. When the government was on the back-foot, instead of going for the jugular of this monster, why did these women rights activists aimed at clipping its toenails?
This problem of women oppression is not something that you can solve in days, weeks or even years. Let me tell you what I wanted these pseudo-activists to do.

1. The core of this inequality lies in our education system or the lack of it. Even after 6 decades of independence our literacy rate is poor, the whole primary education is aimed at seeing students get through class 5th and it misses the ideal ingredient of moral education. What was needed was to push for education reforms with special emphasis on gender sensitization of these young, impressionable minds who are so used to seeing women oppression that most of them grow up molded by the same mindset that they witnessed as kids.
Off course, this is a long term measure and its effects will not be visible for decades, but when you are trying to change a society that has been framed in a misogynistic way since centuries, you have to start someday. This was the opportunity which was deliberately let go of by these NGOs. Instead of ensuring that the coming generations have empathy towards the plight of Indian women, they pushed for laws that instill fear in them. And fear can only breed hate.

2. Another issue that was needed to be addressed with urgency was the long overdue police reforms. Police system of India is in such a pathetic state that people fear police as much as criminals. The women are scared to approach police with complains against eve-teasers. Not much will change with the new law because that boogeyman of a police we have, remains.

3. The third issue needed to be tackled was the poor public transport system in nights especially. Had there been availability of public buses, the poor sister of ours would not have needed to step foot into that vehicle of death. Even today, if you are women and you get stuck in the city anywhere after 10 pm, you will be aware of the hardships faced.

These are a few of the basic problems that were needed to be addressed. But no, how can they ask for that. These NGOs do not care for women. After all if women are not victimized, how will there shops run. You don’t shut down your own business, do you?

Today, the bill stands passed. It is another shameful story that even then the esteemed parliamentarians did not deem it worthy enough to attend, discuss and vote. The government on the other hand breathes easy, the NGOs sit content in their offices waiting for next rape to happen and appear on TV again. The media is happy counting its TRP, that they generated by discussing the age of consent while ignoring the core issue. Sex sells for sure.
Meanwhile the khaps are busy in honour killings, the madrasas are busy issuing fatwas to keep women oppressed and the Hindu fanatics like bajrang dal are waiting anxiously for next Valentine’s Day. All this while girls and women are still being raped, wives are still being oppressed, girls are being molested and India breathes in shame. Oh! And the poor girl’s family still waits for justice in an open and shut case.

Women if you expect these NGOs to be your savior, nothing will change in this country for you. Rise up, get united and take what is yours or stay content with ‘all women’s bank’.
This is the truth and the truth always hurts.

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