Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Post independence or post apocalypse?

15th august 1947
The beginning of post-apocalyptic chaos

Have you seen walking dead? Yes, that post-apocalyptic zombie television series. Have you seen any movie set in post-apocalyptic world? Book of Eli, resident evil or any such movie? If your answer is yes, do read on but if your answer is no, I request you to watch something on this line and then come back to read.
Oh! Just Google ‘movies set in post-apocalyptic world’. Stop badgering me.
Okay, so all of you familiar with the genre or still interested in reading, let’s roll.

15th august 1947 is the day India got independence. It was believed that the worst is over and a bright new day lies ahead for this great nation as there was a change of guard, when the clock struck midnight.
Identical to the post-apocalyptic movies. When a comet, an earthquake or a zombie plague wipes out almost the entire population of the planet, those who survived look ahead, assured that the worst is behind them and they will build a better world now( please watch the last scenes of ‘the day after tomorrow and 2012).

See the similarities? Yes? Well good for you smart ones. For those still confused, read on.

Governors are good orators, fearless leaders and have great communication skills.

So in the post-apocalyptic setting, comes a hero (usually someone who led valiantly during the apocalypse), like the governor character in walking dead. Oh just go to Wikipedia, I am not going to tell you about governor now. Anyway, he leads the poor fellow survivors into building up a new system. The common folks work hard to set up and get the system running. The governor meanwhile gets poisoned by the power he holds, slowly and steadily. He forms a coterie of his trusted lackeys while the others toil.
Similarly began the story of free India. The politicians became our heroes, a system was built as the common men and women worked while the ‘governors’ got addicted to the power.

I hope you can clearly see where I am going. If not, then either read on or quit because your power of deduction has clearly been numbed by decades of running behind your leader like a sheep.

Governor keeps his dirty work out of public's vision

Now that the governor has earned the confidence of people, he quietly carries on with his shady activities behind the scene. His lackeys suppress the truth from reaching the common folks. His trusted aides to get stronger. All this while the people carry on in blissful ignorance.
Likewise in India, the politicians kept getting stronger. They indulged in scams, murders, rapes, extortions, feeding crocodiles and all such nefarious activities. The media tried hard to suppress the truth, bombarding the people with distractions like films and sports, pointless debates and over the top anchoring. If something got out into the public domain, they were given an overdose of it before quickly changing with the overdose of another. Public has short term memory after all.

Okay, by now if you are not able to see the similarities, then I urge you to click that small cross icon on top right corner and go back to that dumb movie playing on telly.

Governor loses control and the society breaks down

Anyway, let’s take the story forward. And please watch walking dead. Highly recommended by yours truly.

Soon, in any such post-apocalyptic society, dissent begins to grow, revolts happen, factions are made, chaos ensues, lawlessness prevails, order breaks down and the apocalyptic forces strike back. Meanwhile some sheep still keep grazing the grass in the wonderland.
Exactly the situation in India and in most democracies at present.

The foreign occupants were our zombies, 15th august 1947 was the day we thought that apocalypse has ended. Hence, today we are in a post-apocalyptic, lawless and chaotic world. The governors/politicians have lost control, the heroes( read soldiers, whistle-blowers and citizens) are being massacred, the lackeys have become powerful enough to run free, the factions( our political parties) are fighting amongst each other, indulging in opportunistic alliances, defections, trading loyalties etc. just to take control of this world. And the apocalyptic forces (china) are just at our door step, waiting for us to let our guard down. Some have crept in (naxalites, terrorists, traitors, bomb blasts etc.) already.
When will an Alice arrive to deliver the justice?

The climax lies in the near future, but for now it seems that Arvind Kejriwal is playing the rick grimes of the walking dead. But is he? Only time will tell.

A friend of mine asked me about my zombie love. I told her why I adore zombie films and stuff. Because in reality we already are zombies. We are living but emotionally, spiritually, ethically and in every other way that made us human, we are already dead.

This is the truth and the truth always hurts.

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