Friday, 15 March 2013

The weakest pillar-3

 MSM(main stream media) is a conglomerate of various firms, and these firms are merely interested in business. Do you really expect them to honour the ideals of journalism like late Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi? This here is my tribute to some of these Media celebrities whose reality is laid bare on social media, time and time again. Can you guess, which stanza is for whom?

Hi, I am a celebrity,
I scream banality,
Sensationalize triviality,
And ignore reality.

1. I ask you to face the nation,
But I can’t face a few trolls,
Cause of few hateful abusers,
I will defame the Hindus all.

2. I demand the answers for nation,
Yet I won’t let anyone speak,
Try as much as you can,
My bark will quell your squeak.

3. I am a fiery old monk,
And I tweeted about a death,
Those I blamed were proved innocent,
Yet I carry no regret.

4. I won’t reply to your arguments,
I propagate my own agenda,
Abuses hurled I retweet,
Ignoring truth for menial propaganda.

5. Yes the buck stops here,
And I love to play the preacher,
I am the lone brain that thinks,
Rest are mere loquacious readers.

6. And why do you forget me,
I am a warrior of the coal,
Did someone just say Jindal?
I must shut my hyperbole.

7. I hold my very own court,
Where all are innocent, set free,
My channel can create news,
On goblins, elves and Easter bunny.

And together we run the show,
Fooling this nation great,
Clamoring for ban on tweeters,
Who expose our dirty traits.

And if you have a disagreement,
We will label you as a TROLL,
Forget ‘hail Hitler’,
Hail MSM you all.


  1. Nice upaadhis. I can realize some of them -
    Old monk, devout hindu wife, buck stops here, ornab...